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If you think that starting to live a more organic lifestyle is difficult, then you might be interested in my story, about how I started living a more organic lifestyle purely by accident.

That’s right, my initial steps to living more organically occurred without my putting any real effort into doing so. For me and my family, changing to a more organic lifestyle was more a matter of survival than a conscious choice.

It all started in 2009. I had begun writing online to earn extra money, as my significant other and I were finding it difficult to make ends meet from our jobs. Then things got worse, as he lost his job at the end of October, and I was forced to quit my job a week later due to a variety of reasons, including deteriorating health. This forced me into taking the first steps towards living more organically, though this fact did not occur to me at the time.

My part-time online writing career became full time, and while this may not seem like a move towards a more organic lifestyle, it actually was, because working from home was both better for my health than working in a job where toxic chemicals were used on a regular basis. It was also good for the environment, because I know longer needed to use the amount of gas that driving to work required.

In addition, because my writing career was not yet well established, we needed to find ways to cut costs and live more economically. We decided to put in a wood pellet stove, because our fuel oil costs ran way too high to afford on our new income, and wood pellets cost about ½ of what the winter’s fuel oil would cost.

Changing to wood pellets for heat turned out to be an environmentally and organically wise decision. Wood pellets are completely organic as they are made from sawdust (a waste product from wood), and are formed by forcing the dust through tubes, where natural saps from the dust cause the pellets to adhere together, thus avoiding the use of chemicals glues.

Needing to stick to a strict budget, we began using vinegar and water for cleaning our windows, and even as floor cleaner. To save electricity we began hanging up our clothes instead of using the dryer, and we even began making meals for two days when we cooked and freezing one for another day to reduce the grocery bill.

Over time we have made other changes, including trying our hand at growing some of our own vegetables, and fishing to meet some of our protein needs. I have even learned how to make my own version of fresh organic V-8 type juice as well as vegetable stock to use in making soups, as well as freezing organically grown vegetables.

I really did not realize how much our lifestyle had changed or how organically we had been living, until one day, one my sons looked around at the vegetables I had bagged for the freezer and the pans of vegetables burbling on the stove and commented that it was almost like we were homesteaders.

It was then that I realized that not only had my family and I accidentally started living a more organic lifestyle, but that we all seemed to be healthier, and enjoyed our simple though somewhat challenging life much more with each passing day.

If my family can take steps to live a more organic and natural life, without even realizing that was what we were doing, then those of you who want to take those first steps towards living a healthier and more organic and natural lifestyle can do so too.

Have you made small subtle changes in your life to live more organically? What types of changes have you made?

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