Style Your Home with Beautiful Organic Furniture, Built To Last While Keeping You Safe

Sometimes it can be challenging to live a lifestyle that’s completely green in every aspect, but it’s very doable, especially when you stick to all-natural, organic products. One way to live greener is by incorporating organic furniture into your home.

This doesn’t mean that your interior design has to be comprised of large rocks for chairs or a pile of banana leaves for a bed. Organic furniture can come in functional and modern pieces that are as stylish as any conventional inorganic furniture of today.

What is Organic Furniture

First off, don’t let the word organic skew your perspective on modern day living. Even though people mostly use the term “organic” when referring to fresh produce and meat products, it can also be applied to how we style and decorate our homes.

Organic furniture is basically anything that is not manufactured with raw materials that consist of synthetic fibers, hormones, or pesticides. Absolutely no harsh chemicals are used in the entire process of the creation of the furniture which is what makes it organic.

Organic is also another way to describe the furniture’s design. Anything with soft continuous curves and can naturally fit the human form to optimize comfort can be considered organic in design, which is also known as ergonomic design. You can easily find ergonomic designs in organic furniture because organic furniture uses natural materials and sometimes mimics the form of nature.

For example the curves and bends in a tree branch, the impressions and indentations in the earth, the vibrant rich colors found in plants and animals, etc.

Organic furniture is by far the safest way to style your home. You don’t have to worry about airborne toxins getting into your system, your skin absorbing chemicals from the furniture, or having any kind of allergic reaction to the materials.

Not only are these furniture better for you and your family’s health, but they’re also better for the environment as organic furniture are comprised of biodegradable, recycled materials. These materials make for durable, high quality and long lasting pieces that you can enjoy for a lifetime of healthy, green living.

The Many Types of Organic Furniture

You’ll typically find organic furniture being sold by smaller companies that are local to your area. Unlike mass produced conventional furniture, you can expect higher quality and better value from these local organic furniture producers. Not to mention, unique and stylish pieces that’ll fit your personal taste and home décor are plentiful which makes shopping for organic furniture even more enjoyable.

Below are just some examples of the different types of organic furniture you can find:

  • Beds and chairs made from reclaimed and recycled wood

  • Mattresses and sofas comprised of non-synthetic and organic fibers such as cotton, fool or flax

  • Dining tables and coffee tables made from recycled glass and organic minerals

  • Recycled furniture that’s been refurbished

There are many ways you can style your home with beautiful organic furniture. It’s time to think outside of the box and look into nature for your inspiration and resources.

Do you have some organic or natural pieces of furniture in your home? What is your favourite piece of furniture?

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