Book An EcoTour Adventure And Enjoy An Exciting Vacation While Helping The World

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If you enjoy living an organic and natural lifestyle, love to vacation in exciting new places with stunning views off the beaten path and learning about new lifestyles, then choosing an Ecotour vacation may be exactly what you are looking for in the way of an unforgettable vacation.

An ecotour allows you to visit fragile and seldom disturbed natural areas, while helping to provide funds for environmental and ecological conservation.

While you enjoy the beauty of pristine areas of the world, you will also be supporting human rights for the indigenous people of the area, as well as learning more about nature, natural living, and conservation that you could ever believe possible.

Forget that National Geographic magazine spread, see some of these exotic places first hand, and experience nature at it’s wildest and most untamed!

When you choose an ecotour vacation, your main attractions aren’t going to be those 5 star hotels, those casinos, the noisy nightclubs and crowded beaches. Instead, the main attractions will be startling views of flora and fauna, and a chance to experience briefly some cultures that you have only read about, while learning about some incredible cultural heritages. In some cases, sharing in the daily lives of people who really live a true natural life style will be on offer.

An ecotour vacation can take you through lush tropical rainforests, to remote glaciers, or through dense Amazon Jungles or the Florida Everglades. With ecotours on every continent in the world, and several different countries, you can experience the world in a way few tourists ever do. Most surprising of all is that most of these vacations cost less per day than the average hotel room.

If you are the kind of person who really loves the thought of an unforgettable adventure, sleeping out under a velvet sky filled with a million stars, watching eagles soar, snorkeling with manatees, or riding through the Morocco desert on a camel, or staying in a simple hut with people who live almost entirely off the land, then this type of vacation is definitely for you.

However, an ecotour vacation is much more than just getting to see nature at its best and visiting open air organic markets, meeting new people and learning a bit about their culture. It is also about learning why these areas are so important, and how you can help to protect them. You’ll learn about conservation and how to reduce your footprint in your home life as well.

Ecotours vary in length, from half and full day excursions to 5 and 7 day adventures, where you can climb to the top of 100 foot trees, scale a tall mountain peak, kayak or canoe off a tropical beach, or explore various types of caves. Accommodations may range from a simple tent, to staying in beautiful rustic cottages and everything in between.

You’ll witness incredible sunrises and sunsets, can bird watch or even bear watch, and experience the sounds of nature undisturbed by the sound of human voices, or traffic. You’ll sample a host of locale foods prepared by people who live in the different locales you visit, and may even get an opportunity to see first hand what life must have been like a hundred years ago or more.

The only real problem with ecotours, is that are so many different adventures you can choose from in so many different parts of the world, you are going to be hard pressed to decide which adventure that you want to try first! The good news is that each of these adventures have their own unique beauty and thrills, so that whichever one you may want to choose, you are sure to love it.

Share Your Adventure With Others

If you have taken part in an Ecotour, or are planning one, please take the time to share your adventures with us and other visitors. Your unique adventure may help someone else decide on the adventure that they want to try and everyone will love reading about one of these adventures from a more personal view.

Have you been on an Ecotour? What did you love about it? What impressed you most? Where did you go for your most memorable vacation?

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