Stimulate Your Preschooler With Healthy Green Alternative Toys

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Most parents know that play time is a major part of a preschoolers day, and that fun for your child helps them develop the large and fine motor skills, ability to problem solve, and co-operation skills that will be necessary to help them succeed in school.

Yet with the growing awareness of the dangerous chemicals and toxic poisons found in most children’s toys these days, parents are looking for toys that are safe and healthy for their children, their family, and the community at large.

Choosing green alternative toys for your children is a great way to stimulate their young minds and bodies, while providing them with an all safer toy and healthier environment.

What Are Green Alternative Toys?

Green alternative toys are pretty much regular toys except they are geared to be safer for the child or the environment or both. While some green alternative toys are completely organic, from the types of materials used to make the toys, to the manufacturing process, other toys are made from recycled or reclaimed materials, and others still use power sources that are safer for both your child and the environment.

Because green alternative toys are designed to help save the environment, most if not all of these toys are made without the use of any harmful chemicals or poisons. This automatically makes these toys safer for your child than those toys that contain substances such as lead, flame retardants, phthalates, arsenic, and BPA.

Many green toys are made from materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and wool, organic and reclaimed wood, and recycled materials that contain no toxic chemicals. Oftentimes, plant dyes are use to add color to these toys, thus avoiding the chemicals in traditional paint.

Not surprisingly, green alternative toys are often more durable than traditional toys, and they are just as colorful and fun as their less earth and family friendly counterparts.

Here are just some of the great types of green or alternative toys that will stimulate your child’s learning and imagination while providing them with hours of fun:

  • Tea sets made from recycled milk cartons that contain no phthalate or BPA, unlike many of the other plastic toys on the market today.

  • Building materials such as wooden blocks, and other shapes, that allow your child to improve their hand-eye co-ordintation and problem solving skills.

  • Games that help to improve memory, color, number recognition, counting skills, problem solving, gross and fine motor skills and learning to take turns.

  • Play houses,and kitchen sets that encourage the imagination and socialization.

It is really surprising just how many of these safe, healthy green alternative toys there are available. While many local stores carry few if any of these toys, the internet has numerous sites that are dedicated to organic, or green toys, or a combination of the two.

Best of all, these toys are made for both boys and girls, and many of the games are designed to be both a toy that your child can play with by themselves, and game that they can enjoy with their friends, siblings, Mom and Dad, or even Grandpa and Grandma.

If you haven’t spent a little time checking out some of the great green alternative toys that are available for your preschooler perhaps it is time that you did.

What types of toys does your preschooler like to play with? Do you worry about how safe preschool toys really are?

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