Halloween Costumes and Make-up For Your Organic And Natural Lifestyle

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Halloween is the one day of the year when ordinary children and adults can change their personality and their clothes and become anything they desire. Whether you want to become a ferocious tiger, a beautiful fairy, a princess, king or queen, or a goblin or ghoul, the choices are limitless.

Unfortunately, for many people, those sparkly costumes and that astounding make-up and hair spray makes this day not one of fun and celebration, but a day of misery.

It’s bad enough that those interesting and imaginative costumes are made with materials using all kinds of synthetic chemicals that can make those with sensitive skin itch from head to toe and break out in rashes, but to add insult to injury, the make-up designed to complete that Halloween look is made with petroleum and laden with chemicals and tar.

In fact, reading the ingredients of some of this make-up, you can’t help but be put off as some of it is made from nearly the exact ingredients as road tar.

Road Tar! Is this really something you want to smear on your face or your child’s skin? The prospect of dressing your child or yourself up in health damaging clothing and make-up is enough to spoil your entire Halloween.

Thank goodness there are ways to celebrate Halloween much more naturally and organically without spoiling any of the fun of dressing up.

Organic and Natural Costumes

For those of you who sew and like making your child’s costumes or your own, buying your own organic fabric and making that costume yourself may be a viable solution as opposed to choosing costumes made out of synthetic materials. There are a variety of places where you can buy yards of 100% organic fabric to create a safer and more natural version of the ghoul, goblin, or butterfly.

There are even places where you can purchase organic thread as well as material.

There are also a variety of companies and stores that manufacture organic costumes. With a little research, you can purchase organic animal print tights and matching tees, organic long johns for keeping the little one warm, and a variety of different costumes for babies through teens. There are even a few organic adult costumes.

Disney produces a line of infant costumes for babies up to 24 months, as does Earth Baby Clothes. Hannah Anderson offers long johns that range in ages from infant to teens.

A company called Sarah Silks also offers an assortment of complete children’s costumes. (Sarah Silk’s is not a fair trade company although they do state that they offer decent wages and insurance benefits to their partners. See their about us page). Magic cabin also makes some infant costumes.

You can even buy organic feather boas for that up and coming movie starlet.

Organic, Natural, and Chemical Free Make-up

When it comes to completing those Halloween outfits with just the right make-up, here too you are in luck. You can make make-up and even ugly looking scars and wounds from items found right in your kitchen cabinet. As well as from companies that make organic, or chemical free make-up.

Some companies that are worth looking into when looking for organic make-up to complete that costume or simply for everyday use include:

  • Luna naturals
  • Nova Naturals
  • Terafirma (non toxic)
  • Organic mineral eye colors

There is also non-toxic finger nail polish for kids and fume free hairspray.

You do need to keep in mind that most of the make-up items are not truly organic, but many are made from natural minerals and do contain few if any synthetic ingredients, added fragrances, or unhealthy chemicals. This does make them a safer and better choice than most of the Halloween make-up sold.

Don’t Forget Plain Old Dirt

If you or your child’s costume is that of a hobo, a zombie or even a mummy, don’t forget that plain old dirt from your organic garden can be used instead of make-up to great effect. Best of all, it is free and washes right off!

It does take a little more work to find those organic costumes and that organic make-up, and in many cases, you may have to order these products online. So make sure that you start a little early to help ensure that you get exactly what you want and need to ensure that everyone has a safe, happy, healthy, and organic and natural Halloween.

Do you make your own Halloween costumes? What kind of make-up do you use? Have you had any allergic reactions to Halloween make-up?

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