How To Choose Authentic Organic And Natural Jewellery

Perhaps you are looking for organic or natural jewellery in order to reduce the amount of chemicals that you are subjecting your skin and home to, or perhaps you want this type of jewellery because you are making an effort to do your part in saving the environment. Whatever your reasons for being interested in organic jewellery, there are some important things you need to know before buying.

What Constitutes Organic Jewellery?

Organic jewellery is considered to be any jewellery made from materials of once living things. This includes hemp, cotton, bamboo and other grasses, amber, pearls, ivory, coral, wood, horn, and even the claws, teeth, or quills from some animals, as well as sea shells.

What Constitutes Natural Jewellery?

Natural jewellery is jewellery made from materials found in nature. This means that gold, silver, turquoise, and precious and semi precious gemstones can all be considered “natural”.

However, if you read these definitions carefully, you will see that there is nothing in these definitions that deals with the processing of this jewellery. While the initial material may well be organic and natural and free of chemicals, the same may not be true of the process that turns these materials into the jewellery you wear.

But, there is such a thing as organic and natural jewellery, you just really need to know what you are looking for when choosing this type of jewellery.

Here are some tips to help make your search for real organic and natural chemical free jewellery simpler than easier:

  • Start by looking for jewellery that is made by hand. While handmade jewellery doesn’t necessarily mean that it is free of chemicals, most jewellery that is made chemical free is handmade.

  • Look for jewellery consisting of wooden beads that state they are polished using bees wax, or natural fruit oils. True organic or chemical free wooden jewellery are likely to have less of a high polish sheen than those that are polished or coated with synthetic polishes using chemicals.

  • While many gemstones can be cut and polished without the use of any chemicals, the metal settings may indeed be made using toxic chemicals. Ask if any metal setting was manufactured using natural pickling using citric acids from various natural fruits. You can also choose jewellery that is strung on organic cotton or hemp in lieu of those chemicals.

  • When choosing jewellery made from horn, check and make sure that the horn that is being used is only from animals that have died naturally. The horn should then be hand carved or cut, sanded, and designs of colors should be from chemical free vegetable dyes.

  • There are some beautiful pieces of jewellery, particularly necklaces and bracelets that are made from cotton, hemp, and various organically grown grasses. What makes this jewellery so beautiful is the many hand braiding styles that are used in fashioning this jewellery.

  • Of course, bamboo has been used for years in the making of all types of products, including jewellery, and this versatile reed type grass can be made into beads, twisted and braided chains, and even used alternated with natural stones, to create some very trendy and unique pieces of jewellery.

Keep in mind that organic and natural jewellery made without the use of harmful chemicals is often going to be far more expensive than that costume jewellery that you can pick up from between $3.00 and $50.00. This because, more often than not, this jewellery is entirely handmade, sometimes taking several days to several months to create a single piece of jewellery.

However, the uniqueness of this jewellery makes it a prized possession for many people, and they feel the extra money that allows them to live healthier is well worth it.

Owning a few pieces of this jewellery is often better than having a jewel box filled with jewellery that was made with toxic chemicals, and in some cases, you can even create some of your own unique and organic and natural jewellery, simply by walking along the beach, or taking a stroll in the woods and using your own imagination.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery that you absolutely treasure? Do you own any pieces of organic and natural jewellery?

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