What Does Living An Organic Lifestyle Really Mean?

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If you are visiting this website, you are either exploring how living a more organic and natural lifestyle can benefit you, or you have already become convinced that living more organically will improve not only your health, but the quality of your life. However, do you really know what living an organic lifestyle really means?

Living organically is more than just choosing to eat organically grown food, wearing clothes made of organic materials, and using organic cleaning and beauty supplies. While doing all of these things are healthy for you and helpful in reducing toxins in the environment, there is more to living organically than simply using ,
organic products.

Living this kind of lifestyle is all about making choices each and every day that will benefit your health and the health of your community as well as the environment. It doesn’t mean doing without all the modern conveniences. In fact, doing so in today’s society would be practically impossible. It’s not just about buying organic products, but about living more organically as well.

For example, each time you decide to leave your car parked, and walk to the store, take public transport, or ride a bike, you are living just a little bit more organically, because you are helping to preserve the air as it is naturally meant to be, by not adding more toxins than necessary through those automobile emission fumes.

Each time you recycle, you are making an organic choice, by cutting down on the waste that goes into those landfills, and the amount of toxins that are absorbed into the soil and leaked into the air and the water. Some of the choices you make will be natural and you won’t even think about them as part of your organic lifestyle. Other choices will require a conscious decision on your part, and there will be times when compromise is inevitable.

Living an organic lifestyle does not mean giving up your electricity, but it does mean conserving energy whenever possible, by shutting off lights in rooms that no one is occupying, or cooking two nights worth of dinner on that gas range at one time. It may mean choosing to hang up those towels to dry instead of running your dryer, or skipping blow drying your hair on the weekends.

An organic lifestyle isn’t a matter of making one big choice, but about making hundreds of small choices every single day, choices that make a difference to your health and to the health of everyone around you. It really is about living a little more simply and naturally and about loving the life you are living.

Best of all, an organic lifestyle doesn’t require a major lifestyle change overnight. It is simply taking those small steps one at time. Think of living an organic lifestyle as a lifelong adventure that you can embark on at any age, and regardless of your financial situation.

And you will reap the benefits and rewards of this lifestyle each step of the way, by experiencing better health, more contentment, and a sense of being at one with the world. It truly is an awesome journey and one that can be more rewarding and enjoyable than you might ever imagine.

Do you live organically? Is it something you would like to do? Do you worry about the cost of doing so?

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