Being The Cool Kid With The Best Organic And Earth Friendly Toys And Games

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Once children reach school age, they become concerned with being “cool” and having other children their age want to spend time with them both at school and after school. This usually results in kids wanting to have all the latest and coolest toys to impress their friends with.

While most people think of cool toys as being those hand held computer games and other expensive items, many parents and their children are finding new and unique ways of showing how cool they really can be, and one great way is to be the kid on the block with all the latest organic and earth friendly toys and games.

With growing concerns about the environment, entire families are beginning to live a greener lifestyle, choosing organic and other earth friendly clothing, food, and others goods. Schools too are making an effort to make students more aware of the necessity of healing the earth and protecting the environment.

Now many toys manufacturers have followed suit by designing a variety of organic and earth friendly toys.

One of the most popular and fun groups of toys in this category is the solar powered toys. Any child who has a kit from which they can build a solar powered car, truck, or even bug, feels as though they have the most impressive and coolest toy on the planet and they well may.

While these toys are somewhat more popular with boys other than with girls, both genders find building their own toy, and then running them simply by solar power, very exciting. The kits that offer the opportunity to build several things from one set are especially well loved and exciting for kids.

Another “cool” organic and earth friendly toy are terrariums, especially those that contain plants that “catch bugs”. These toys are the ultimate in cool, especially among boys who find these bug eating plants endlessly fascinating.

There are jewellery making kits for girls, organic art supplies and games for the whole family or to play with friends, and a world of exciting cool earth friendly toys for boys and girls ages 6-12 to enjoy.

Increases Awareness Of The Planet In Children

By choosing earth friendly and organic toys and games for your school age children, you are increasing their awareness of the planet at a time when they are fascinating about the world around them, and eager to be a part of their school, community, and the world at large.

By showing your child that earth friendly and organic products are fun instead of boring, you are setting the stage for them to want to learn more about protecting the environment.

School age children love to learn through fun activities, and playing with those solar powered toys, those build your own windmill kits, and organic and earth friendly jewellery kits and art supplies, as well as toys and games made from recycled materials, the imaginations of children are fired up and these children may well invent new ways to harness renewable energy and new organic products.

Best of all, your children will know that you are doing something good for their health, as traditional toys contain poisons and unhealthy toxins that cause allergies, eye irritations, breathing difficulties, and other health issues.

While from your child’s point of view, they will have toys and games that are not only fun, but that are cool enough to impress their friends. By providing your child with organic and earth friendly toys and game,s you are helping your child learn, while keeping them healthier, and doing your part for the environment as well.

What toys and games do your children like to play with? Do they have any organic or earth friendly toys?

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