Creating An Organic And Festive Halloween Table Decor

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Whether you are planning a Halloween party for your child’s friends or your own, or simply want to serve a dinner that really gets into the spirit of the holiday, making sure your dinner or buffet table is set to match the celebration is an important part of creating a fun Halloween meal.

Luckily, those table decorations can easily be made from organic and natural materials that echo the rest of your décor.

Start With The Basics

To decorate the perfect Halloween table, you need to start with the basics and decide whether you want your your table décor to be chic, whimsical, or frightening. Once you have decided on the theme of your décor then the next step is collecting the materials to make the decorations that will match your theme.

Pumpkins and other gourds are great starting pieces for creating your Halloween table décor regardless of what your overall theme is.

Creating Your Organic Centerpieces

For a more chic and sophisticated table, a pumpkin can be used to create a flower vase. All you really need is a large nicely shaped pumpkin large enough for a flower vase to fit inside.

Carve out the inside of the pumpkin, fit the base inside the pumpkin and fill with white or yellow flowers. Small carved pumpkins can hold tea lights and serve as the lighting for the table.

For a more whimsical centerpiece, you can use three white pumpkins or gourds in different sizes. Take the smallest pumpkin and carve out the inside and cut eyes into both sides of the pumpkin, and then stack the three pumpkins on top of each other using dowels to hold them in place. Then place a tea candle in the top carved pumpkin to create a fat jolly ghost.

You can also use shrunken apple heads, a small pumpkin, or squash and dowel to create assorted ghouls running the length of your table.

For a more frightening display, try using one of those large gallon glass pickle jars and a small head of cauliflower. Soak the cauliflower in purple grape juice to make it look more like a brain and then place it in the large jar. Fill with water and add just a touch of milk to create a murkey look.

You can use other glass jars of varying sizes to create specimen jars of other body parts. Cucumbers can be carved into various bone shapes to float in a jar, a latex glove can be filled with popcorn (use candy corn at the tips for fingernails) tied at the wrist and floated in another jar, grapes can serve as eyeballs.

Or you can use one really large glass jar, and float everything together for one incredibly ghoulish centerpiece.

Table Treatment

Once you have your centerpiece decided upon, then the next step is to decide on your table treatments. Black, orange or forest green tablecloths can all work well depending on the colors in your centerpieces, as you want them to stand out.

You can also use a tablecloth with placemats over it to provide a more textured look and set off your dishes.

For example, if your only tablecloth is white and so are your dishes, adding orange or black placemats can set your dishes apart making your table look more attractive. On the other hand, a lacy white table cloth over a dark colored table cloth can give the effect of cobwebs and set off that set of black dishes nicely.

Small clear glass candy dishes filled with spiced pumpkin seeds can add a bit of color to your overall table décor and give your guests or family something to munch on while they await dinner, or when sitting around chatting at the end of the meal.

One easy table treatment is simply to cover your table and chairs with white sheets to give the empty and haunted house effect. This is an easy way to set the mood for your Halloween meal.

Less Is Often More

Remember, when it comes to decorating that Halloween table that less is often more. Sometimes a simple centerpiece and the right dishes are all it takes to create the perfect atmosphere for a fun holiday meal or party.

Overdoing the decorations can cause sensory overload, making it impossible for anyone to enjoy any of the decorations. You can always set the mood, using fewer table decorations, the right lighting, and a little haunting mood music.

The key to the entire thing is to use as many natural and organic products as possible to create a mood in keeping with the autumn season and the holiday.

Do you create your own Halloween table decor? What tips and ideas do you have?

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