Encourage The Artist In Your Child With Organic Art Supplies

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There are few things that young children love more than expressing themselves in art. Whether building sand castles in the back yard, playing with play dough at the kitchen table, or drawing, coloring or painting, children love to create.

Allowing your young child an opportunity to engage in artistic play, not only unleashes their imagination, but also helps them to develop those fine motor skills that are so necessary to day to day living. In addition, children use art to record what they observe about life, express their feelings, and test the limits of their imagination.

Of course as parents, you have concerns about just what those art supplies contain in the way of chemicals and toxins and so you should. However, today there are many different companies that make art supplies for children that are completely organic and toxin free. Here are just some of the organic art supplies you can get for your child:

Organic Play Dough

Organic play dough is made from flour and uses vegetable coloring and often scented. Most of organic play dough is made from wheat flour, but there are also gluten and soy free organic play dough available as well. Play dough is a great indoor art supply, and allows children to create a number of shapes using their own creative free form ideas, or using little cookie cutter type tools.

Best of all, if you have different age children, you don’t have to worry so much about that little one sampling the play dough their siblings are using, as it is completely safe if your child does take a nibble or two!

Organic Sand

Organic sand is another great art supply for kids. A great use for this fine grain sand colored using plant dyes, is to allow your child to create sand pictures using non-toxic glue on pieces of flat driftwood they gather from the beach, adding those tiny shells they found into their creation.

Allowing your child to make their own “beach art” using various colored organic art sand, not only allows them to become as creative as they please, but also allows them to create their own artistic memory of those long summer days spent at the beach.

Organic Crayons

Organic crayons made from soy and other organic ingredients comes in bright colors and often are naturally scented. While you can purchase organic crayons in actual crayon shapes, you can also get them shaped like rocks as well. Organic crayons work just like those traditional crayons, but without any of the unhealthy additives that your children don’t need in their art supplies.

Organic Paints

Organic finger paints, as well as organic paint powders to mix water paints, are available for children’s art projects as well. Again, these paints are made from plant material and use things such as purple sweet potato, beets, carrots and curcumin for coloring. While the colored powder looks pale, once you add water the colors brighten up.

To complete their art projects, there are other art supplies that are not completely organic but are safe for the environment and free of toxins, making them safe for your child to use, and these art supplies include non-toxic and environmentally friendly glues and recycled art paper.

Don’t Forget Those Model Kits

For older children, there are a number of organic model kits, from those simple glider plane kits to more complicated projects like robots that are made from reclaimed or recycled wood.

Now as a parent you can feel good about encouraging the artistic side of your children, with safe and organic art supplies that are 100% free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Do you have a budding artist in your family? What do they like to do most?

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