Organic Beauty Services: Good For Business, Great For Your Health

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The increased number of people choosing to live a more organic and natural lifestyle both for their health, and for the environment, expect to see some effort from the services they use to go organic and green as well. One of the service industries that has made great strides in going organic is the Beauty Service Industry. While this is good for these businesses, going organic is great for your health.

You may not have given it much thought but, traditional beauty service industries work with harmful chemicals on an hourly basis. These chemicals are neither good for your health or the environment. In addition, being around these harsh chemicals can be harmful for those who work in hair and beauty salons, spas, nail salons, and barber shops.

Those shops and businesses in the beauty service industry that have decided to go organic and green are helping to improve the lives of their workers, their clients, and their communities at large. For those of you who have not yet visited one of these organic beauty services, here is a preview of what you will experience:

The Sense That You Are In The Wrong Place

The moment you step into that organic beauty, hair or nail salon, you will feel that you have suddenly entered a strange new and improved world. Gone are those familiar chemical smells, and in their place are the scents of fruits, vanilla, and good clean fresh air. This is because these businesses use products that are chemical free, and whenever possible, made completely from organic ingredients. This includes, everything from shampoos, to hair color.

The non-organic businesses use traditional beauty products that are made with ammonia and other chemicals.

Organic Hair Salons

In many parts of the world, hair salons simply take care of a client’s hair. This includes: cutting, shampooing, cream rinses, coloring, permanents, settings, straightening hair, and using relaxers, as well as creating hairstyles for special occasions such as proms or weddings.

An organic hair salon uses organic and natural shampoos and rinses, as well as organic colors. This results in beautiful hair without the hazards that chemical and synthetic ingredients can cause.

Since many organic hair care products are fruit or flower based, imagine how good having your hair done will be, allowing you to be surrounded by some wonderful heavenly scents, that will only serve to relax you.

Organic Beauty Salons

In some countries and areas, a beauty salon is similar to a hair salon, performing all of the functions that a hairdresser does and perhaps other functions as well. In other countries there is a distinct difference between hair and beauty salons. Hair salons deal strictly with hair, while beauty salons deal with doing make up for special occasions, facials, and provide other beauty related services.

Organic beauty salons have exchanged their products that contained synthetic fragrances and chemicals for those that are naturally scented or fragrance free and contain no chemicals.

Organic Nail Salons

Organic nail salons are now using chemical free nail polish and remover, and using organic creams, lotions, and soaks for their pedicures and manicures.

Organic Spas

Not only have organic spas started using organic and all natural products for their massages, baths, facials, and other treatments, they have also chosen to use organic materials for their robes and towels, and they even choose organic or at least chemical free laundry to protect you while keeping those towels and robes sparkling white.

Those beauty services that have gone organic are discovering a loyal and happy client base and enjoying increased profits, while their customers admit to feeling truly spoiled and pampered. If you haven’t tried some of these organic beauty service, perhaps it is time you did!

Have you tried out some organic beauty services? Do you use natural or organic beauty products? Have you had any worrying reactions to traditional beauty products or treatments?

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