Show Your Client You Care About More Than Just Business With An Organic Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts are a nice way to say thank you to clients for conducting business with you, to welcome new clients into partnership, and to tell potential clients that you will enjoy meeting with them and look forward to doing business with them in the future.

When you present or send a client an organic corporate gift, you are also telling them that you care about more than just business.

In this day and age, corporations need more than ever to put their best foot forward, and to show clients and potential clients that you care about more than just that bottom dollar.

Showing your client that you are doing your part for the environment, and are concerned about the health and well being of others, is a great way to make a positive impression. What could be better than announcing that message loud and clear by the type of corporate gifts you choose for your clients.

Organic Gifts Are Naturally Environmentally Friendly

Organic gifts are naturally environmentally friendly because many of these gifts are made up of foods which are grown without chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Fruit baskets, snack baskets and even wine and cheese gifts are just a few of the great food baskets that make perfect corporate gifts.

You can also choose individual corporate gifts based on your client’s own individual interests as well. There are a number of aromatherapy gift baskets available, as well those aroma therapy baskets designed specifically to reduce stress.

For those clients who love gardening, there are organic gardening books and baskets available. There are even organic gift baskets for the avid hiker or camper that contain all the essential hygiene products for the great outdoors. These types of organic gifts are free of chemicals that will harm your client and the environment, and they do not contain any harmful chemicals, synthetic colors or fragrances.

What To Look For In Organic Gifts

When choosing that organic corporate gift, look for those gifts that are chemical free or at least free of harmful chemicals. Choose those food or clothing items that are grown as well as manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals, and use organic dyes and natural fragrances rather than those chemical dyes and synthetic fragrances.

In addition, look for those items made from renewable resources such as bamboo, and other materials, as well as those products that use environmentally friendly packaging. You also want to make sure that the company who sells these organic products indulges in fair trade practices.

Why Organic Corporate Gifts Are So Impressive

One of the reasons why organic corporate gifts impress clients so much is because they show that your company is not only concerned with protecting the environment, but actually has taken steps to make the world a healthier place. When clients and potential clients see that you don’t just talk about saving the environment, but actually make conscious choices to do so, they are more likely to trust that you will follow through on your promises to them as well.

Clients like to do business with those corporations who share their core values, and with so many people striving to live a more organic lifestyle these days, this is one value that you can share with many of your clients.

What do you do to show your appreciation for a client? When was the last time you sent your client a thoughtful gift?

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