How Organic Farming Can Help Us Perfect Our Food System

Organic farming is not simply about growing vegetables without chemicals and pesticides. It is about so much more, from the way livestock are raised and treated, to the land and how it is maintained, to the food sown and grown, and all in accordance with very strict guidelines.

Organic farming is all about doing things the right way. The goal of an organic farm is to ensure that the products produced meet the highest standards, and that they offer us a much safer alternative than readily available processed foods.

Children can teach us so much, and a lot of them are not afraid to speak up for their beliefs. If healthier choices are part of their everyday lives, then they are more likely to start questioning existing practices, and to start looking for safer and healthier alternatives.

Some children will even look to make a difference where they can, especially if the subject is something they have a keen interest in.

Organic farming, our food system, chemicals and pesticides, eating healthier, and preventing disease, are just some of the topics that children, are becoming more interested in. Children are extremely aware of everything that goes on around them, more than people are aware of.

11 year old Birke Baehr has caused quite a stir in the online world with his video presentantion on where he outlines the existing flaws and causes for concern in our current food system and suggested some ways in which we can protect ourselves more and stay healthier. He explains the importance of organic farming and significant role it has to offer to ensure our food system benefits each and every one of us.

Personally I commend this 11 year old for standing up for his beliefs and wish him every success in his goal of becoming an organic farmer.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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