Experience The Tasty Delights Of An Organic Food Trail

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Whether you are looking to experience something totally different during that week or two week vacation, simply looking for an interesting days outing, or a dedicated foodie looking for that daily fix, experiencing an organic food trail can make for a fun, interesting, and environmentally friendly adventure.

What Is An Organic Food Trail?

An organic food trail is normally a collection of organic food producers, shops, restaurants, farmer’s markets, brewers and wineries who not only produce and cook using organic foods, but have a real passion for what they are doing, and want to share that passion with others.

In some cases, experiencing an organic food trail can be as simple as picking up a special map that has the spots on the trail marked, and you can visit as few or as many of these places as you want. Not only do organic food trails provide an entertaining learning experience, but they also provide you with great sources for you to purchase a whole range of organic foods or enjoy them when dining out.

In other cases, an organic food trail may be a planned event or part of a planned event, like a local festival in which there are guided tours and guests get to learn about everything, from how organic food is grown using organic pesticides and fertilizers, to how it is distributed to local restaurants and sometimes to people’s doorsteps.

There is usually tons of samples of organically grown and prepared foods from wines, ales, and beers to exotic dishes prepared by well known Chefs.

These special event organic food trails may incorporate visits to locale farms or fishing ships. Talks given by organic farmers, and herbalists, and cooking demonstrations play a major role in the event.

In some cases, you may even get the opportunity to get free recipes on preparing organic food more organically, or free organic seeds, or you even may be able to take part in an organic cooking class. You most likely will also have the opportunity to learn about various organic herbs and their uses.

One of the best things about organic food trails is that you can experience any number of them and no two are same, as these trails normally make the most of locally produced organic food, which means that no matter what country you live in, or travel in, the food trail in one area will have different things to offer than a food trail in a different locale in the same country.

Many food trails offer a mix of organic and not so organic foods for you try. Though most do try to include as many organic venues as possible. In some cases, the organic food trails will include places that grow organic flowers as well as growing and raising organic food.

For those who really want to experience as much of an organic lifestyle as possible, experiencing an organic food trail first hand is a great way to learn about the organic food suppliers in your locale, as well as other places you visit.

Have you been on a food trail? What did you like most about it? Which food trails do you recommend?

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