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When most people think of organic clothing, they think of those organic tee shirts, shorts, and slacks. However, there is a growing demand for organic formal clothing, and many manufacturers are beginning to meet that demand.

Organic formal clothes are made from materials such as organic cotton, organic silk hemp, and even soft bamboo. They are then processed without the use of harmful chemicals such as PVC, formaldehyde, bleaches, and chemical dyes.

While finding organic formal clothing for men, women, and children is not always easy, most people who choose this type of clothing feel their efforts are well worth it. People with sensitivities to the chemicals in clothing often find themselves avoiding those special “dress up occasions”, because most formal wear is made of synthetic fabrics, and uses all kinds of chemicals in manufacturing the clothing, and even in the starches and other processes used to help the clothing hold it’s shape.

This results in those who are sensitive to these chemicals, spending an evening itching, breaking out in areas, such as under their arms, and around their breasts, and in general, just feeling far too uncomfortable to enjoy the occasion at all.

Men’s Organic Formal Wear

Men’s organic formal wear offers organic cotton dress shirts, organic wool and cotton suits, and even dazzling organic ties and bowties. There are also shoes made from organic materials to complete the outfit. In most cases, no one can really tell that this clothing is made from organic materials and chemically free.

They look like most other formal wear worn by men. The only difference is that this clothing exposes the body to less harmful chemicals, and is extremely comfortable feeling against your skin.

Women’s Organic Formal Wear

Organic formal wear for women features some beautiful and elegant designs and styles. There are halter tops, sleeveless, short sleeve, and long-sleeved style formal dresses, as well as some beautiful straight, A line, and even mermaid style skirts for those formal dresses.

And for those of you who think that women’s organic formal wear is possibly dull and without embellishments, you couldn’t be more wrong. A lot of this formal wear comes in beautiful colors from chemical free dyes, have intricate embroidery, romantic lace, and even pearls to add a little glitz and glamour to these dresses and other formal wear.

Many of these formal outfits for women are incredibly soft and sensual, and make the women who wear them feel absolutely spoiled and pampered, from their heads to their toes.

Choosing to wear organic formal wear is a personal choice which some people make in order to do their part to help the environment, and others do so to help improve their own and their family’s health, by living their lives more chemical free, thus reducing the number of toxins that leak into the air of their home.

Do you find it difficult find confortable formal wear clothing? Have you tried any organic formal clothing? Are you allergic to certain types of clothing?

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