Making Celebrations Special With Organic Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is a fun holiday that many people enjoy decorating for because they can let their imaginations go riot. Best of all, for those who are living a more organic lifestyle, decorating organically and naturally for this holiday is simple, easy, and fun.

Surrounded By Organic and Natural Decorations

At this time of year you are surrounded by organic and natural choices that you can use to make all kinds of interesting, attractive, and fun decorations for both the inside and outside of your home. Here are some of the natural and organic materials that you can use:

If you raised your own garden and grew corn, those now dead cornstalks can be used in creative ways to make a variety of outdoor decorations that are perfect for Halloween. You can even use some of those dried not picked ears of corn or corn cobs to make interesting Halloween wreaths.

If you don’t have your own garden, many local farmers will allow you to have their cornstalks either for free or for just a couple of dollars per bundle.

You can tie these cornstalks together with black or orange ribbon, and place pumpkins and other gourds around the base to create a simple outdoor decoration for next to your front door or on your deck.

You may also peel down and weave the cornstalks to make a front door wreath, or to attach to a pumpkin you have painted a face on, to create a witches head to place in a tree or peak over your window sill.

You can also use parts of those corn stalks to make little witches and ghosts and goblins to hang from trees around the yard.

Pumpkins And Other Gourds
Pumpkins and squash gourds can be used in a variety of ways to create some stunning or frightening Halloween decorations. You can clean out the insides of extremely small pumpkins and use them for small flower vases and place mums inside, or small bare branches that you can then tie small homemade ghosts to, using those organic napkins and with an acorn inside to form the head.

Small pumpkin or squash gourds can also be carved and a tea candle placed inside to create some great lighting effects throughout the house.

Instead of carving those pumpkins, you can use stencils to place a bat, a black cat, or a witches profile on the pumpkin to create interesting decorations that you scatter along a fire place or on the stands in your house. You can even create ice buckets and candy dishes using dried gourds.

The amount and types of decorations you can make using gourds is endless. For those who grow their own pumpkins and squash and have plenty of leftovers even after freezing, this can be a great way to create all kinds of decorations for Halloween cheaply.

Assorted Nuts
Walnuts still in their shells, as well as other types of nuts, can be used to create organic mice, spiders, and other assorted creatures to make your Halloween décor just a little more creepy.

Dried pumpkin seeds make great ears and feet for these little creatures to add a whimsical touch to the overall holiday décor.

Various nuts and acorns can be added to that Halloween wreath to add a bit of texture and interest along with those colorful fall leaves and various fall grasses.
Apples can be used to create a truly scary batch of shrunken heads. These shrunken apple heads are a fun project for the entire family and are great for adding to that Halloween wreath or combining together for a interestingly gruesome centerpiece.

Indian Corn
Indian corn is great for adding those cornstalks to give a bit of color, as well as for making a simple decoration to hang over the door. Just two or three ears of dried Indian corn will allow you to make decorations for your door or a wall in your home.

Decorating for Halloween organically is simple and easy, as the season lends itself to a variety of organic produce and waste products that can be used to create stunningly beautiful or absolutely frightening decorations for this special holiday.

Do you make your own Halloween decorations? Do you have favourite decorations you like to make?

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