Fun And Festive Organic Treats And Meals For Halloween

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Many people who have made the commitment to live a healthier and more organic lifestyle often find themselves wondering how to get through the holidays without giving up their healthier organic choices.

Halloween is perhaps one of the most difficult holidays for those who are determined to stick to organic foods, as most of those fun type party foods and treats given out are anything but organic.

However, there are ways that you and your family can enjoy an organic Halloween as well as provide organic treats for those trick or treaters who visit your home.

Organic Treats For Halloween

You may think it is impossible to find organic treats to hand out on Halloween night and that you have to resort to giving out pencils, stickers, or other non food items that may lack popularity.

However, as surprising as it may seem, there are some great tasting organic treats that kids really love. If you are looking for some fun organic treats to hand out or use for a child’s Halloween party, here are some great choices:

  • Clif kids twisted fruit ropes

  • Sweet Earth Trick or Treat Chocolates (100% organic and fair trade)

  • St. Claire’s organic fruit tart

  • Annie’s bunny crackers

While most of these sweets are candy and do contain sugar, they are organic and therefore healthier than more traditional treats. This makes them ideal for both those who enjoy eating organic, as well as those transitioning to a more organic lifestyle.

What To Serve At Those Halloween Parties

For those of you who are throwing either a child’s or adult Halloween party, serving organic foods is far easier than trying to find organic treats. However, since most Halloween parties want to focus on more ghoulish treats, sometimes finding great organic Halloween foods can be difficult.

To help you to get your own creative juices flowing, here are a couple of organic party meal plans that may give you some great ideas of your own:

Kid’s Party Meal

For those wanting to serve fun and ghoulish food for a child’s Halloween party, here is the perfect menu. Keep in mind that while all the items on this menu are organic and healthier than other processed foods making them perfect for any occasional meal, they still may not be the healthiest organic foods, so use of them should be limited.


  • Blood soup

  • Worm sandwiches served with blood and guts condiments

  • Mud punch

  • Animal droppings

Actual ingredients

The actual ingredients you will need to prepare this menu is organic tomato soup, organic hotdogs, buns, raisins. Organic ketchup and mustard, homemade sugar cookies baked into turd shapes and dipped into organic chocolate, and small chunks of fresh tomatoes. You will also need organic apple juice and grape Juice.

To make the worm sandwiches, slice the organic hotdogs in half and cut each half into 3 or 4 thin strips. Once all the hot dogs are sliced, drop them into boiling water and heat through. As the strips of hotdogs heat they will curl into shapes resembling night crawlers. Serve on organic hamburger buns with organic ketchup and mustard.

Make the organic tomato soup according to directions and when the soup is done, toss in a few chunks of tomatoes and add a few raisins to represent “flies”

Combine the organic grape and apple juice together in a punch bowl or a small new garbage can to make the mud punch. Serve the turd cookies as is.

Adult Party Foods and Ideas

If you are having an adult Halloween dinner party, why not serve individual Turkey meatloaf or that casserole in mini pumpkin shells. Simply clean out the inside of the shells well and cook the food right in the shells in the oven. Larger pumpkins can be made into bowls for those salads and side dishes as well.

However, keep in mind for most adults parties, you can basically serve any type of nice dinner and let the table and home décor create the Halloween atmosphere. Add a little mood music and ask your guests to wear costumes and you have the makings of a fun and interesting evening.

Of course, you might want to include a fun after dark scavenger hunt just to keep the party rolling and provide some light-hearted entertainment. Just make up a list of some Halloweenish items such as:

  • A raven’s feather (or any black feather. You can give fewer points for those who bring back any kind of bird feather.)

  • Pumpkins or pumpkin seeds

  • A witches broom

  • A picture of a black cat

or whatever other items strike your fancy. Encourage your guests to use their imagination when finding the various items and make sure that you have a really great prize for the winners.

Halloween parties and trick or treating can be loads of fun, while still being able to provide organic foods and treats that are healthier than all those over processed foods.

What are your favourite Halloween treats? Do you like to make your own healthy Halloween treats and meals?

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