Tips To Get You Started Living A More Organic Lifestyle

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When many people think of living a more organic lifestyle, they picture the modern day homesteaders who grow their own food, and raise their own meat to slaughter, while living in a log cabin they built themselves that lacks electricity. While this is the epitome of living organically, you really don’t have to go that far to live a more organic and healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose To Live More Organically

If you are wondering why people are choosing to live more organically, there are many reasons why they make this decision. By far the most common reason is that living organically is healthier for you. Many people are discovering that everything in their life is loaded with chemicals or preservatives that can cause various health problems.

From the materials used to build your home, to the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the toys your children play with, and even your cleaning supplies, you are surrounded with chemicals that jeopardize your health. By eliminating some of these chemicals, you are improving your health and lowering your risk of contacting many diseases.

Other people choose to live more organically in order to help improve the environment. Many of the same chemicals that make people sick also damage the environment and contribute to the poor health of everyone.

Lastly, some people choose to live more organically simply because they feel it is trendy. Whatever your reason for wanting to live more organically, doing so is good for your health and the environment. However, getting started on a more organic lifestyle can seem overwhelming, so this is a guide to help you get started on your new lifestyle, without stressing out or breaking the bank.

Tips on Beginning That New Organic Life Style

Whether your end goal is to live as organically as possible or just make a few healthy changes in your life, these tips can help you to reach that goal:

Start With Small Changes

Living more organically is a lifetime process in many ways. Don’t expect to change your life completely overnight. Start with some small simple changes and then build on those changes.

You may want to start with something as small as growing your own herbs in your kitchen window, or making your own organic all purpose cleaner, or by simply visiting that organic farm market and picking up fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

All of these small changes are great ways to introduce yourself to living a more organic lifestyle that is inexpensive and easy.

Choose One Area To Start With And Built Upon It

One way to begin living a more organic and natural lifestyle is to pick one area and then built upon it. For example, some people begin with the food that they eat or grow in their own garden and dedicate themselves to making organic choices in that area.

Many home gardeners begin by making the decision not to use chemical fertilizers or insecticides in growing their own vegetables and fruits, and from there begin to buy organic seeds and flower bulbs to ensure that their foods are truly organic.

Other families, particularly those with members who have asthma or other breathing difficulties, begin by using steam cleaners to clean their homes, while limiting the number of chemical cleaners they need to have a clean house.

From there they move to making and buying chemical free and organic cleaners that leave their home sparkling clean without those chemicals that can make breathing difficult.

Many new parents begin by choosing organic bedding, clothing, and toys for their infants, and then just naturally branch out into making other organic choices that are good for their baby’s and family’s health. The important thing is to start with one general area and then over time expand your organic choices to more parts of your life.

Keep in Mind That Little Changes can Make a Big Difference

While it is almost impossible in today’s society to live a completely organic lifestyle, you need to keep in mind that even small changes can make a huge difference to both the environment and to your health and the health of your family.

Just stop and consider how much food you have consumed over the past year, and then consider how many chemicals and preservatives have been in that food (from the time the seeds were planted or the animal was born until it reached your table).

Now think about how many of these harmful chemicals and preservatives you can keep out of your body if you just eat organically 1/3 of the food you consume next year.

Or think about how many loads of wash you put through your washer each month and then think about how many chemicals you are washing into your clothes and into the environment. Now think how many fewer chemicals you and the world would be subjected too if the only change you made was to use an organic or chemical free detergent for your clothes.

When you think in these terms, it is easy to see how making even little changes in your lifestyle to live more organically can make a huge difference in your health and the health of the environment.

Cutting The Cost of Living More Organically

One of the things that worries most people and makes them hesitate even when they want to live more organically, is the high cost of doing so. While it is true that the initial cost of living organically can be quite high, causing budgetary concerns, there are some ways you can reduce some of the cost of living a more organic lifestyle.

When choosing to eat more organically, you can reduce some of your food costs by:

  • Buying foods during the growing season, as they often cost far less than when you buy during the off season. If possible, buy these foods in bulk during the growing season then freeze or can them yourself to enjoy all year round.
  • Consider growing some of your own food. Even growing your own organic herbs, or a few tomato plants can result in some real savings.
  • If you like to freeze or can, picking your own organic fruit and then freezing or canning it can save you loads of money.
  • Eat more fish and less beef as organic beef can often be extremely expensive.
  • Try to buy from organic farmers directly rather than the supermarkets. Supermarkets tend to really mark up their organic produce and other foods.

When choosing to clean more organically:

  • Make some of your own cleaning supplies. There are many cleaning supplies you can make out of chemical free ingredients found right in your own home and these cleaning products cost only pennies of what you would spend on those chemical cleaners you are now using.
  • Factor in allergy and asthma medicine costs. While purchasing some organic cleaning supplies can be fairly expensive, if they reduce the need for as much allergy or asthma medication, then try figuring in these savings and you may find that these products are far less expensive than you might think.
  • Maintain your steam cleaner and make sure that you clean it out after each use, as this can prolong the life of the machine and save you money in the long run.

When choosing Organic Clothing and bedding:

  • Look for sales on organic clothing and bedding for you and your family. There are many companies that now sell a line of “organics” online so that it is easy to compare prices and look for various sales with various companies.
  • Remember that in most cases, organic clothing actually lasts longer, allowing you to get more wear out of each item of clothing thus reducing the overall cost. By choosing some items for your wardrobe that aren’t going to go out of style, you may actually end up paying no more for that organic clothing than for clothing that is loaded with chemicals.
  • While babies and children will outgrow their organic clothing, you can always resell these items and get your money back. ( you can also resell those organic baby toys)

When choosing Organic Health and Beauty products:

  • When buying bars of organic bath soap, save those little scraps and turn them into organic liquid hand soap to save a few dollars here and there.
  • Try checking out those websites where people sell their homemade organic soaps, bath oils, and bath salts. Often these sell for less than buying from name brand manufacturers.
  • When looking for organic make-up, skin creams, and other organic health and beauty supplies look for sales.
  • Do some research, and try making some of your own organic skin care products from common items found in your kitchen.

Remember, living a more organic lifestyle isn’t an “all or nothing” proposition. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference in not only your life, but the quality of your life.

Getting started on a more organic lifestyle is as easy as choosing that first organic product and using it. From there you can build your lifestyle to include as much organic living as you can afford and desire. These tips should make getting started just a little bit easier.

What steps have you taken to live a more organic lifestyle? Do you worry about the environment? Are there tips you can share about going green?

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