Keeping Your Garden Free Of Destructive Pests Naturally and Organically

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While most people don’t think of it that way, your flower garden is a thriving ecosystem. This means, that besides those beautiful flowers, and flowering vines, there are literally millions of living things, many too small to see with the naked eye, that call your garden their home.

While many of these organisms are beneficial to the organic gardener, others are not, and can turn that once thriving and beautiful array of flowers into a ragged and unsightly mess.

While organic flower gardening is all about allowing nature to take its course, there are natural and organic ways of making sure that those destructive pests don’t rule your garden and destroy all of your heart work. Believe it or not, you can use helpful garden critters, natural organic insecticides, and even some flowering plants themselves, to help keep those pests at bay and help your garden to flourish.

Plant Your Own Natural Insect Repellent

Choosing some special flowers and plants to plant in your garden will help to keep those nasty pests at bay while adding a lot of natural interest and texture to your flower garden. Try planting a rainbow of Chrysanthemums, a border of clover, some bright gold marigolds, and sweet smelling lavender among your other flowers, and you will find that the pest population dramatically decreases.

These beautiful flowering plants all contain their own natural chemicals that repel various harmful insects, making your garden glow with beauty while they drive away those pests that are destroying your garden.

Call on The Critter Brigade

One of the most useful tools for the organic gardener is calling on the critter brigade to keep your garden free of those unwanted and destructive pests. Introducing or encouraging lady bugs, bees, spiders, dragon flies, frogs, toads and birds to visit or live in your garden, will help to keep all those unwanted insects and larva at bay.

Having a small pond near your garden with reeds will encourage those dragon flies that eat mosquitoes, and those frogs and toads that eat a variety of unwanted insects, to visit your garden and feast all those unwanted varmints. Shady areas will make spiders want to make their home among your plants and dine on those unwanted pests as well.

And of course, having bright colored pollen bearing flowers will beckon those birds and bees to frequent the area and protect your garden for the price of free meal.

Natural Organic Insecticides Will Help To Further Deter Those Pests

Using mulch around some of your flowers will keep those soft bodied pests such as slugs away from your plants. Fresh garlic bulbs planted near flowers will help to control mosquitoes, aphids, spider mites, and also help to repel ground hogs, rabbits and moles.

Red and black pepper sprinkled along rows of flowers are also effective at keeping some garden pests away from your plants.

Don’t Forget The Barriers

Sometimes the only effective deterrent to large pests in your garden, such as rabbits, deer, and other live creatures, is building a barrier to keep them out. While animals such as these normally prefer to visit that thriving vegetable garden, they will decide to dine on some flowering plants as a special treat.

If your flower garden happens to be the popular “ice cream parlour” of the animal world, then having a fence to keep those pests out may be the only option you have, other than planting your flower garden on the roof of your house!

If you go to all the time and trouble of planting that beautiful natural organic flower garden, then you are going to want to keep it pest free as organically as possible, and these pest organic pest eliminating techniques will do a find job for you and your flowers.

Do you find it difficult to stop pests attacking your beautiful garden? Have you tried multiple products without real success? What pests bug you the most?

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