Are Your Baby Products Harming Your Baby’s Health?

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You’ve seen those advertisements for baby shampoos, bath products, and lotions that claim how gentle these products are on your infant’s delicate skin. You’ve chosen that crib, baby seat, and changing table according to all the safety guidelines, and have made sure that your baby’s clothes and toys have no buttons or small parts that can pose a swallowing hazard.

In fact, you have done everything you can do to provide your child with the safest baby products possible. Or have you?

The simple fact is that many of those baby products you thought of as safe, may actually be harming your child’s health. Baby shampoos, bath products and lotions have been found to contain formaldehyde and dioxane, both of which have been linked to cancer.

Formaldehyde has also been found in cribs, dressers, changing tables and other furniture, with short term effects being allergies and asthma in infants.

Clothing, baby mattresses, car seats, changing pads, nursing pillows, baby carriers, rocking chairs and other products, may contain chemical fire retardants that can result in abnormal brain development. While those plastic baby bottles contain a synthetic hormone that mimics estrogen, and can damage reproductive, neurological and immune systems.

Baby toys often contain such toxins as lead, PVC, Phthalates, BPA, arsenic, and mercury as well as other toxins. While manufacturers of baby products have taken some steps to make products safer, they still have a long way to go. So what can you do to help reduce the level of toxins that your infant may be exposed too? Quite a lot actually.

  • Breast feed or choose to use glass bottles rather than plastic to feed your baby. If you do choose to use plastic bottles, never heat the formula in the bottle or let it sit in a plastic bottle or those disposal bottle bags, because the longer liquid sits in plastic the more toxins that leak into the liquid
  • Don’t purchase infant clothing or bedding that contains fire retardants. If possible go organic, but if not, then avoid those fire retardants and wash everything several times before using
  • If you purchase new baby furniture, air the furniture out for several weeks before placing in the nursery. And make sure to keep the nursery well ventilated as the outside air is likely to be purer than the air in the nursery
  • Purchase organic baby toys or those made from natural rubber
  • Avoid purchasing baby formula or canned foods in containers lined in polycarbonates

If you already have had a child and are about to have another one, it really isn’t feasible for you to get rid of useful baby items and buy all new safer items. Your best course of action is to replace worn out items with those that are safer.

If you are having a baby shower, request gifts that contain none of the toxins mentioned in this article, ask for glass baby bottles, organic clothing and toys, and other safe products. The safer the baby products you use, the healthier your baby will be. Being aware of the hidden dangers in baby products will help you to make those healthy choices.

Do you know what’s in the baby products you use? Has your baby experienced allergies to certain products?

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