Why Recycling Is So Important And Why It Should Be Encouraged In Schools

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Living a more organic and natural lifestyle is about more than using to purchase organic food and other products. Living an organic lifestyle also means taking care of the earth, helping it heal, and making choices that will reduce those poisons that are in the environment, so that the water you drink and the air that you breathe will be more organic as well.

That means that recycling is important to living more organically, both for you now and for future generations to come.

The Importance Of Recycling To An Organic LifeStyle

Today’s manufacturing processes for most goods require the use of at least some chemicals. Fumes from these chemicals fill the air, while improperly disposed of waste harms the earth, and even the water. Recycling items is a great way to cut down on the amount of goods that are manufactured from scratch, which then reduces the amounts of harmful chemicals used during processing.

By recycling those items that are still good, but you no longer have use for, you allow others to purchase or be given those goods, thus saving them from having to purchase those products new. It also helps those who are less fortunate have necessary or useful items that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which helps to reduce the amount of deadly methane gas. Here are some easy and simple ways to recycle:

  • Donate useable, unwanted items to a thrift store, or hold a rummage sale

  • Trade books with friends instead of purchasing new books

  • Choose to use glass rather than plastic bottles whenever possible

  • Use both sides of that printer paper, and then take that paper along with newspapers to a paper recycling bin

  • Rinse out cans and take them to a can recycling bin

  • Use small items for crafts to make decorative items for your home, or as gifts, rather than dispose of them

  • Instead of throwing out those vegetable scraps and coffee grounds, start a compost pile to use on your garden or lawn, or give to someone else who grows plants

  • If you have old clothes that can no longer be worn, try cutting them into squares and using them to make quilts, or give them to someone you know to use for making quilts, or even for using to make outfits for children or dolls

  • Save those slivers of bar soap and use them to make liquid soap

  • Use the ends of candles to melt together and make new candles

  • Whenever possible, consider buying used clothing or products

These are just a few of the simpler ways that you can recycle. If you notice, in most cases recycling can save you money as well as help to heal the earth and reduce the amount of chemicals and fumes that are making the environment less than organic.

Encourage Recycling In Schools

One way of helping to ensure that the environment becomes more organic and stays that way, is by encouraging recycling in schools. Not only do schools produce an astounding amount of waste each day, but teaching children about recycling while they are young will help to make them more aware, so that when they reach adulthood, taking care of the environment and reducing waste will be a natural part of their lives.

In addition, children spend a lot of time out of doors and feel more connected to nature than many adults do. This makes them more enthusiastic about taking the necessary steps to protect nature and the environment. Recycling helps children to feel an important and worthwhile part of their community, which will also help them to be more involved in their communities as they reach adulthood.

If your local school already has a recycling program, see what you can do to help. If not, talk to the principal and see if you can start a program. However, when starting the program, make sure to allow the children to have input and even to run the program once it gets set up. The more involved they are with the project, the more successful it will become.

While you may not have considered recycling part of living a more organic lifestyle, it is actually a very integral part of living organically, as keeping toxic substances out of our environment and reducing their impact on our health is essential to living healthier and more chemical free.

Do you recycle? Does your local school have a recycling program? Do you encourage your family, neighbours and friends to recycle?

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