7 Simple Steps Towards Living A More Organic Lifestyle

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You no doubt all ready know that living a more organic and natural lifestyle is better for your health and the environment. Living more organically is about much more than eating organic food and using organic and natural products. It also means making daily choices that are good for your health and the environment.

However, most of us have become so used to all the conveniences that are associated with the modern world, that the thought of making those changes that can lead to a more organic lifestyle can seem overwhelming. This is understandable, but taking those first steps towards a more organic lifestyle does not have to be difficult or costly. Here are 7 simple steps that you can do instantly with little or no extra expense:

1. Instead of using those chemical laden dryer sheets, try putting a little vinegar in your rinse cycle and then hanging your clothes out to dry. Your clothes will be soft and have a nice fresh smell as well, something those  dryer sheets simply can’t match. There is nothing more natural that using nature itself. Choosing this route to going more organic will also help to reduce your utility bills, which is good for the environment and your pocket books. (There are organic dryer sheets available which would also be a better option)

2. Make one meal a week without using any processed foods what-so-ever. Try choosing an organic fruit or vegetable for use in the meal.

3. When going a short distance, try walking or riding a bike instead of driving that car. It will give you a chance to breathe in some fresh healthy air, get healthy exercise, save gas money and reduce those emission fumes which is good for the environment.

4. Try towel drying instead of blow drying your hair. The benefits of this should be obvious, as it will help keep your hair healthier and once again help to reduce those utility bills.

5. Either purchase or make your own skin care or cleaning products from natural and organic ingredients. Check the website for some great homemade skin care and cleaning products. There are also organic recipes scattered across the internet.

6. Consider buying used clothes and books. While these things may not be organic in the truest sense, used clothing has been washed a number of times which will have removed some of the chemicals from the material (some chemicals will always be there). If you can’t afford organic clothing, then finding some way to reduce the chemicals that lie next to your skin is a healthier organic option. While purchasing or even trading books will help save some of our natural resources.

7. Plant a few indoor herbs. Not only will this give you healthy organic herbs that you can cook with, but herbs can act as organic air fresheners and insecticides. Growing a few herbs in your kitchen or even family room window, is an easy and simple as well as tasty way to live a more organic lifestyle.

Remember, even the smallest step towards living a more natural and organic lifestyle will help you live healthier. You don’t need to make several changes all that once, start with one or two simple changes, and once you start seeing the benefits of these changes you will be ready and eager to make more.

What tips do you have on living more organically and naturally? Do you worry about the impact our lives have on the environment?

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